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The best way to book Ducktour Singapore tickets for a more comfortable experience and better deals is to book them online in advance. Many popular tours and attractions allow only a limited number of guests aboard to create a beautiful experience. By booking online, guests secure their seats and don't have to wait in lines for hours. Online booking offers great deals on the ducktour price and is best for budget friendly travelers. With the amazing discount and great packages for super saver deals, visitors get the best of their money spent. Based on what they choose, some packages also include additional amenities and services for the comfort and convenience of the guest.

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About DUCKtours Singapore

The best way to enjoy the Lion City and explore its major sightseeing spots is Ducktour Singapore. The land and sea adventure includes a duck shaped craft that can travel both in water and on the land. The tour lasts for about 60 minutes and has hourly departures from the Duck & Hippo Hun in the Suntec City. This amazing tour experience lets visitors enjoy the popular tourist attractions of Singapore with 30 minutes in water and 30 minutes on land.

Starting from Suntec City, the tour embarks on a journey of exploring the best of Singapore's culture, history and architecture. The Fountain of Wealth is a Chinese Feng Shui based architecture in the Suntec City and the first destination of the ducktours. This beautiful structure is a symbol of wealth and harmony and is an important part of the history and culture. Visitors will also get a sightseeing opportunity of the Singapore Flyer, Asia's largest observation deck wheel and get to admire its design. The Civic District is the hub for Singapore's art, history, culture, and architectural designs. The ducktours let visitors explore the significant monuments of the neighborhood like the war memorial, supreme court and others. The stunning skyline of the Marina Bay is another highlight of the tour. Tourists can plan their whole day by indulging in combo packages with the ducktour.

All Your DUCKtours Singapore Tickets & Tour Options

Ducktours Singapore Tour

The Ducktour Singapore package is an admission pass to the duck craft and secures the seats for the 60 minute experience. Guests will explore the various tourist attractions of Singapore, including the Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer and Esplanade theater. Visitors also get a professional English speaking guide to assist them in the 60 minute tour. The duck craft can travel both in the water and on land. You can enjoy stunning views of the Lion city and its beautiful skyline from the sea and the shoreline. The ride will be divided as 30 minutes on land and 30 minutes in the sea.

Ducktours Singapore with Big Bus Combo

The visitors will enjoy a splendid view of the city from the waters and get to explore the Lion City with the duck craft. They will spend 30 minutes in water and 30 minutes on Land during their tour. In addition to the duck craft tour, this combo package also includes the Big Bus tour. The Hop on and Hop off tour is accessible for an entire day and takes visitors to the various popular tourist attractions and sightseeing spots of the city. The ticket gives visitors access to 2 different routes of the Hop on Hop off tour. This combo package is the best for sightseeing trips to the city and admire its amazing architecture, history and culture.

Singapore Flyer with Ducktours Singapore

The Ducktour Singapore let's visitors admire the structure, design and magnificence of the Singapore Flyer. But the combo package of Singapore Flyer with ducktours Singapore let's visitors enjoy the amazing experience of the ride on the flyer instead of just admiring it from afar. As the largest observation wheel in Asia, the flyer offers a stunning view of the neighborhood and popular attractions. In addition to the 30 minute ride, they also have the option to enjoy lip smacking food and drinks, and get access to the Sky lounge where guests can enjoy a luxury dinner.

Which Ducktours Singapore Tickets to Choose?

The best way to enjoy the amazing ducktours is to book the tickets online in advance. Visitors can choose the tickets that best suit their needs and interests. Select a single package to the duck tours for the entire family or separate Ducktour tickets of this amazing journey. Also, booking online secures their seats in advance, as the tour company allows only limited people on the duck craft for a single tour round. In addition to this, the guests won't have to stand in queues at the venue ticket counter to book the tickets and easily skip the line. Guests can even book combo packages that lets them plan their day better. Guests also get great deals on the Ducktour price with the amazing combo packages and can add tourist attractions for further sightseeing or interactive experience.

  • Skip the line and save time:It is best to book the Ducktour Singapore ticket online, as guests will save a lot of time. Ducktour Singapore is a sightseeing tour that departs on hourly basis and therefore sometimes it is a long wait until the next available tour. Booking online in advance secures the seats for the slot and guests don't have to wait in queues for long hours. This way they can spend the day exploring other nearby attractions instead of standing in a line.

  • Explore more tourist attractions in one ticket:If guests wish to explore other tourist attractions in Singapore along with the ducktours, they can book combo packages instead of single tickets. These combo packages are great for planning the day in advance and creates a good itinerary. The combo packages also provide additional facilities and guests don't have to waste time waiting around at the attractions for entry tickets. Guests will be able to access multiple attractions with just one pass.

  • Best of the best through Combo Tickets:The perfect way to experience the city for first time travelers. Guests will be able to explore more than one tourist attraction under one ticket and create a great itinerary for themselves. Guests can also skip the line and just make their way directly to the attraction.

Itineary Of Singapore DUCKtours

  • Guests should confirm the Ducktour booking in advance to enjoy the most scenic tourist attractions in Singapore by an amphibian vehicle that travels on both land and water.
  • The Duck tour will begin in the Suntech City, an amazing experience of ancient Chinese Feng Shui concepts built into stunning structures.
  • Go on a sightseeing tour of the Fountain of Wealth, and other amazing attractions in the locale.
  • The Ducktour Singapore tickets also include a visit to the Civic District, followed by the tour to the Singapore Flyer.
  • Admire the beautiful Flyer, which is the highest observation wheel in the entire Asian continent.
  • Next admire the gorgeous backdrop and beautiful architecture at the Marina Bay.
  • Visitors also get to see the Merlion Park, with 2 magnificent statues of the mythical creature that has an important part in the history of Singapore culture.
  • Next, they will be going on the sightseeing trip to the Esplanade theater - a gorgeous structure and a busy performing arts venue.

Attractions to See While on Duck Tour Singapore

Singapore Flyer

In Singapore Flyer, the giant observation wheel provides visitors with the most stunning 360 view of the Lion city. This is the largest observation wheel in the Asian continent and the most magnificent attraction in Singapore. Guests can get a stunning view of the Marina Bay, Singapore River, and other popular tourist attractions. While visiting the place in the ducktours, guests can click some great pictures of this gorgeous wheel with the backdrop. In general, the ride goes as high as 42 storeys and is a thrilling experience for all the visitors. Guests can even enjoy lip smacking and exquisite meals during the ride.

Art Science Museum

The Ducktour Singapore ticket will also take guests on a tour of the Artscience Museum from the outside. The first of its kind, this unique museum has a stunning exterior architecture and design. Its various exhibits and interactive digital displays attract guests of all ages. The museum is known for its unique concept of being art and science together by technology, its many digital displays and installations. It also hosts events and live talk shows to create a knowledgeable atmosphere on the most amazing topics.

Fountain of Wealth

Nestled in the Suntec City, the Fountain Of Wealth is the largest fountain in the world and was designed in 1995. The Fountain is based on Chinese Feng shui, and appears to be a gold ring in the palm of a hand. This is supposed to be a symbolic structure of wealth and prosperity. The combination of the structures around it focuses on creating a space of harmony and good fortune to those who work here and those who visit. The water flows inward at the fountain, and this too is based on the Chinese Feng shui concepts.


During the Ducktour Singapore, visitors also get to visit the Esplanade theater from the outside. In The 60 minute tour, they will get to explore the amazing architecture and design of this unique building. The theater is built on the concept that art is for everyone and should be accessible to all. It is one of the busiest art centers in the globe and has a very beautiful designed structure. Guests on the ducktours can get some amazing snaps with this beautiful building in the background.

Civic District

Civic district is the heart of Singapore's history, culture and architecture. This area is known for being home to some of the most historically important and architecturally well designed buildings in the Lion City. Guests get to explore this gorgeous locale in their Ducktour tickets and experience the history of Singapore come alive. It is also a thriving spot for art and culture in today's time. It has key government buildings, monuments, museums, protected parks and so much more to be explored by visitors.

Marina Bay Sands

While confirming the Ducktour booking, guests are attracted to the Marina Bay sands, as this place is home to some of the best tourist attractions in Singapore. The Ducktour Singapore will let them enjoy the Marina Bay sand skypark, garden by the bay, Merlion park and other prominent places. It is also home to a stunning infinity pool and guests are left in awe of its structure and design.

Points to Remember While Booking Duck Tour Singapore Tickets

1.) Safety:While finalizing their Ducktour booking, visitors should keep their safety in mind. They should always stay seated, in the craft and especially when it is moving. Also, kids of ages below 12 should definitely be accompanied by adults. The company reserves the right to remove any guest who does not comply with the rule without any refund or further reasoning.

2.) Tour Route:In case of parades, floods, water blockage, road closures, the tour company reserves the right to deviate from the route. While confirming the Ducktour booking, visitors should keep this in mind and then book the duck bus tour.

3.) Late Arrivals & No Shows:Ducktour Singapore does not entertain late arrivals or no shows and does not wait for late arrivals as it is unfair to the guests who show up on time. Also, it is not possible to join the Duck bus tour when the tour has already started. The bus tour does not refund or reschedule the tickets in case of no shows, whatever the reason may be.

4.) Cancellations and Reschedules:The Duck bus tour tickets cannot be rescheduled, canceled or refunded in case of no shows or emergencies. The tour is also not canceled in case of any weather changes, like during rain. So guests are asked to carry umbrellas in such cases. In case the tour does not proceed and is canceled by the company, guests will get rescheduled tickets at their convenience.

FAQ’s of DUCKtours Singapore

What are the departure points and times of Ducktours Singapore?

The Duck tours depart from DUCK & HiPPO Hub at Suntec city. The tours have hourly departures from 10 AM - 6 PM every. While making their Ducktour booking online visitors should remember that each tour lasts for about 60 minutes.

Is outside food and other things allowed on ducktours Singapore?

No, outside food, drinks or any other things are not allowed on the Duck tours in Singapore. The visitors cannot eat, drink or smoke at the tour during the 60 minutes of ride. However, guests can carry sunglasses, umbrellas and polythene packets for nausea to aid during their ride.

What is Ducktours Singapore?

The Ducktour Singapore is a great way to explore Singapore, both its land and water territories. Visitors can feel like an amphibian in a special vehicle, as they can travel the stunning tourist attractions just like a duck. The vehicle they travel in is shaped like a duck, and is capable of giving them a 360 view of the city from the shore or taking them to the amazing sites. Starting from the Singapore Flyer, the tour goes through Marina Bay, Helix Bridge, War Memorial Park, among other popular spots. The 60 minute tour will leave the visitors in awe of the beautiful Lion City.

Are Children allowed on Duck Tour Singapore?

Yes, visitors can bring along their kids to enjoy this amazing journey and visit all the stunning tourist attractions with them. They can take part in the various sightseeing activities and enjoy the vibrant experience . The tour welcomes guests of all ages and it is a great way to explore Singapore with your family.

What all attractions am eligible to watch with my Duck Tour Tickets?

Guests will enjoy a scenic view of the Lion city and its wonderful structures from the waters in the duck shaped vehicle. They also get to tour the popular tourist attractions of Singapore with their Ducktour tickets. These tickets include the tourist attractions like Suntec City Fountain of Wealth, Old Supreme Court, City Hall, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Civic District War Memorial, Helix Bridge, Esplanade Theater, Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, and New Marina Bay Financial District.

Can Ducktour Singapore tickets be booked in advance?

The best way to book Ducktour Singapore is choosing the Ducktour Singapore ticket online booking in advance. In addition to the comfort and convenience ensured by the advance booking, it also is a great way to secure your seats on the ducktours with limited seats available in each 60 minute round. As there are limited seats available, it's best to book in advance.

Should I book my Ducktour tickets online?

To secure their seat on the Ducktour Singapore, visitors should definitely book their Ducktour tickets online in advance. Due to the limited seats at this popular tour it is best to make advance booking and secure the seat for yourself. In addition to this, visitors will also get great deals at the Ducktour price.

Can I Purchase Ducktour Singapore tickets at the venue?

Yes, visitors can make their Ducktour booking at the venue. They can purchase their same day tickets either online from the website after they reach the venue or get the tickets at the ticket booking counter on site.


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